Free Standard Yearbook Covers

We offer a great selection of FREE standard covers designed by our graphic artists, with a host of wonderful (and cool!) options for elementary, middle and high schools. Check out our selection of 2016-2017 Free Standard Covers, to see yearbook cover examples.

If you don't see the cover you want in this year's selection, check out our Hall of Fame for customer favorites throughout the years.

Choose your favorite, and you can have your school name overprinted right on the cover for free (using standardized text style, color and size) if you submit your information by Nov. 15. If you submit your cover after Nov. 15, additional fees may apply for overprinting your school name. Any additional modifications will be an additional charge. Foil stamping is an additional charge. The color of the spine printing may be changed, depending on the cover you choose.

You can also personalize any standard cover by adding a student name and picture.

If you want to create a theme, backgrounds are available in the Memory Book Online™ design program to match more than 19 standard covers.

You can easily select a standard cover, add text, and approve proofs online through our Online Standard Cover Order Center.
For step by step instructions on the use of the Standard Cover Order Center click here.