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Yearbook Marketing Tools Make Your Job Easier

As yearbook advisor, a major part of your job will be advertising and selling yearbooks. It’s a big responsibility; after all, you’re creating a memories masterpiece and you want as many students as possible to have copies to treasure. At Memory Book Company, we do everything we can to make marketing and selling your school yearbooks easier.

NEW Online Pay for Parents is Safe, Convenient and Easy!

With Memory Book Company’s new program you can offer parents the convenience and safety of ordering yearbooks online, 24 hours a day. There’s no cost to your school, you don’t need to handle the money and it’s easy to get started. Talk to a sales consultant today! Click here for online parent pay.

Free Promotional Items Help Boost Sales

Memory Book Company provides free materials to help you promote your yearbook to students and parents. We’ll send you free posters to display in your school hallways, auditorium or lunchroom to stir up interest; all you do is add sales and deadline information. For elementary students, we send bright stickers to wear home so parents know yearbooks are on sale. Printed reminder cards work great to send home with middle school or high school students. Send out Last chance flier’s to remind student the order deadline is approaching.

We’ll also send you free take-home envelopes (as many as you want) to collect payment from parents. Take home envelopes, poster and last chance fliers can be customized with your information. Marketing materials may be ordered at your convenience on our order center.

Ideas and Tips Make Selling Easier

Need a little more help? For great tips on planning, tracking, selling, and fundraising, visit ideas and tips.